"Every animal deserves to live their lives with dignity, love, and our respect."

Why Guardians For Animals Was Founded

After seeing so many animals needlessly die in shelters across the country, it was clear that a unifying organization was needed to bring together the efforts of countless small no-kill organizations. Everyday we offer this much needed support, utilizing our non-profit umbrella to protect as many animals as possible from a fate that is death.

The rescues are often a death row animals' only hope for survival. Should one small rescue fail, hundreds - even thousands - of animals would perish. Our priority is to reverse this sad fact of life and replace despair with hope and comfort in the eyes of these beautiful and innocent creatures.

Eight to 10 million abused, abandoned and neglected animals enter U.S. Shelters each year. LESS THAN 40% ARE ADOPTED FROM THESE SHELTERS.

Too many are left to die for no reason. Rescue groups are the animals' last hope and the ONLY hope for those innocent animals on death row. GFA helps dedicated, NO KILL rescue groups receive much needed funds, supplies, and help with placement of animals in their care. GFA is supported by private and corporate donations. No state or federal funding is received.

Guardians For Animals is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization.

What We Do

  • Provide spay/neuter and emergency medial aid support to rescues.
  • Distribute food and related supplies.
  • Help with adoptive animal placement in PETCO stores.
  • GFA supports PETCO's "Think Adoption First" program by helping groups to place their rescue animals in Petco stores for adoption. Petco has agreed to support rescues rather than buying animals from breeders.
  • We teach fundraising techniques and strengthen their network of support.
  • We help rescue organizations join forces with Rally to Rescue, assisting in supplying their animals with food, supplies and fund-raising support.

Our Mission

GFA is dedicated to helping rescues and sanctuaries save the lives of abandoned, abused and neglected animals. With the help of some very compassionate people GFA has distributed over 300,000 pounds of food within the last two years.

Our deepest gratitude to our partners, PETCO Foundation, PETCO Animal Supplies, Pro Plan Rally To Rescue and to all the MANY who participated to ensure rescues have the highest quality food for the animals in their care in the most difficult of economic times.

We Support The Shambala Preserve

The Shambala Mission Statement: To educate the public about exotic animals and to advocate for legislation to protect them. To provide sanctuary for exotic animals who have suffered from gross mistreatment and neglect so they can regain their physical and mental health and live out their lives in dignity. Shambala has given refuge to four Big Cats rescued from Michigan. This is a tremendous commitment, considering that these animals can live well past 20 years ... we find it imperative to support organizations that keep them safe and alive. 

Visit the Shambala Preserve