GFA is dedicated to helping rescues and sanctuaries save the lives of abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

How GFA Helps Rescues

GFA was created to help support NO KILL rescues save doomed shelter animals. The rescues are the ONLY hope for these innocent animals facing death.
GFA helps by distributing food, supplies, covering emergency medical needs and supplying adoption venues. We are honored to help these very dedicated and compassionate heroes. We cannot do this alone. We need your support.  Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of these deserving, loving  animal companions.

10 Year Old Jellybean Finds A Trusting Hand

When A Hopeful Animal Rescue took the first call on Jellybean we were told she was ten years old, had a tumor or she might be pregnant and that her owners couldn't afford to feed her anymore. They called other rescues and asked if they would take her but they were told to take her to the shelter to have her put to sleep. We agreed to take her and the night before she was brought to us she had four puppies.  We found out that in her ten years of life she never spent more than a year in ONE home. Jellybean also spent years as a "back yard dog".  When we first got Jellybean I was a little afraid of her, she was protective of her babies and she nipped me twice. I decided to hand feed her a can of puppy food. Once she felt safe and knew we wouldn't hurt her babies she warmed right up. Jellybean now likes to bring her babies to my bed and she loves to visit with the kids. She has turned out to be the perfect dog, I do not have one regret about taking her. She has turned out to be a great little dog!

GFA Affiliate: A Hopeful Animal Rescue.

Kiwi - Thanks to Purple Parrot Rescue

Kiwi is just one of the many beautiful, loving animals cast aside by previous owners.  Thanks to Purple Parrot Rescue, Kiwi now has a loving forever home.  So many more animals need our help.  Open your heart and let the love of a homeless animal fill your heart with love and companionship. They need your help today... for tomorrow may be too late.

GFA Affiliate: Purple Parrot Rescue.

Five Shepherd Puppies In Need

A plea for help came recently.  Five puppies needed immediate assistance.  They were living on the streets.  The mother was too feral to catch .  The rescue team's main focus was getting the puppies immediate medical treatment. All are being bottle fed and doing well with the exception of little Angel.  She may have to have  liver shunt surgery to enable her body to develop and function normally. Sadly the rescue soon learned that the mother was dead. One witness said  the mother dog had 10 litters that he knew of. Although she could not be saved,  her little ones are safe in the loving arms of Loveabull Paws Rescue. For adoption information or to make a donation to help with Angel's surgery please email Loveabull Paws Rescue.

GFA Affiliate: Loveabull Paws Rescue

Meet Chata!

She is a very sweet dog with a very sad past. Her previous owner poured acid on her back. She was very shy but with the help of SAFARI rescue has come to trust and love humans once again. Chata has been in rescue for nearly 5 years.  She needs a special home where she is the only pet. She will reward you with lots of love and appreciation. Please contact SAFARI Rescue by email.  

GFA Affiliate: SAFARI Rescue

Angel - Surviving an Unspeakable Cruelty

This kitten survived unspeakable brutality of teenage boys. She and her siblings were left in a cardboard box on a quiet country road and purposely run over. Before they could make a second pass, a witness intervened. In the box was one kitten still alive. Her siblings were not so lucky.  Angel's Guardian Angel is Futures 4 Felines. You too can be a Guardian Angel for others like Angel. 

Please report any animal abuse to your local authorities and delivery the message that this behavior will not be tolerated. Be an animal guardian. Please, if you can, make a donation to help us save more like little Angel.

GFA Affiliate: Future 4 Felines.